15 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Wedding in Palm Beach

Here are 15 reasons why you should have your wedding in Palm Beach!

15 reasons who you should plan your wedding in palm beach

  1. Sun, surf, sand…The trifecta that makes even the most opinionated family and friends psyched about the idea of a ‘destination wedding’, when they had been pushing for something more ‘low-key’, and near by.15 reasons you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  2. Palm Beach is so romantic. Walk along the ocean, or walk along Worth Avenue, and though the price tags might be alarming, the beautiful old world styled buildings and perfectly manicured palm trees set the perfect mood for a wedding away.15 reasons you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  3. Palm Beach is close to 3 easily accessible airports for all of your your of town guests to arrive at. Palm Beach International airport is minutes away, Ft. Lauderdale International is 45 minutes south, and Miami International Airport offers so many flight options that the hour and a half drive may be well worth it if the price is right.15 reasons why you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  4. Palm Beach has hosted some of the world’s most decadent, fabulous, stunning, gorgeous (you get it) weddings for some of the most swoon worthy celeb couples. To name just a few, Donald and Melania Trump tied the knot in 2005 at the famed Mar-a-Lago on the island. Michael Jordan chose to marry his wife Yvette on the island in 2013. Both New York Yankee, Nick Swisher and talk show host Rush Limbaugh set there sites on the island for when they said ‘I do’, and The Breakers hosted them both.15 reasons why you should plan you wedding in palm beach
  5. Number 5 is The Breakers. This resort features the best of all worlds and if you have the budget to accomodate the price tag, some might say, choosing this local for your wedding is a no brainer. The structure is reminiscent of old world europe, while the option to get married on the atlantic ocean is a major plus. The food, rooms, staff and food are all rave worthy, as are their grounds for pictures, pictures, pictures!15 reasons you should plan you wedding in palm beach
  6. West Palm Beach is just a bridge away. West Palm Beach sits just to the west of Palm Beach Island and offers more low key, affordable and fantastic dining and hotel accommodations. The night life is more Florida-casual and can also be a little rowdier for guests looking to hit a few local bars the weekend of the wedding.12 reasons why you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  7. Cucina dell Arte is a fine italian dining experience the whole family can not just enjoy but savor. And then…the lights go down and the tables are moved to make way for a dance floor that will be jam packed from 11 pm until 2 in the morning on any given night during season (November-April). Patrons of all ages dance, drink and enjoy what regulars have come to expect from Cucina, an intimate yet lively night spot within a mile of the breakers and situated right on one of the main boulevards on the island.15 reasons you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  8. The world class shopping along Worth Avenue would make any shopping enthusiast swoon. Anchored by Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and speckled with superb high end designer boutiques, jewelers, and little restaurants up and down the street, Worth Avenue is an experience in and of itself even if window shopping is all you would like to accomplish.15 reasons why you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  9. Service, service, service. The Palm Beach community expects nothing short of 5 star service. And you too, will realize that service is an important factor when hosting an event such as a wedding. You and your guests will feel completely taken care of.15 reasons why you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  10. Palm Beach has the luxury of being close to a multitude of entertainment hubs. Miami, Orlando and the smaller cities in between are hosts to various acts and entertainment experts who are readily available for special occasions. If its fire dancers, synchronized swimmers, a firework show, a Miami DJ, or even a celebrity appearance, you are in the right location!15 reasons why you shold plan your wedding in palm beach
  11. Cultural diversity abounds in southeast Florida and Palm Beah sits in a central location. Get creative or cater to family and friends coming to celebrate from afar by offering authentic Cuban, Islander, South American, Spanish, Italian, and French cuisine. Florida really is a melting pot and hosting a wedding in a place like Palm Beach feels so natural to those from near and far.15 reasons why you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  12. If boating is your thing, look no further! Catamarans, yachts, fishing boats, dinner cruises and more are all available from local and nearby charters and marinas. Your guests could dance the night away atop a three story yacht cruise while celebrating your rehearsal dinner. These excursions are customizable and the perfect way to begin or end a wedding weekend.15 reasons you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  13. For the arts obsessed couple, the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts is a stunning venue that hosts performances from ballet, classical music, Broadway productions, and more and would provide an incredible night of theater and cultural emersion for any bride and groom looking to treat their wedding party to an upscale and sophisticated evening just over the bridge from Palm Beach in West Palm Beach.15 reasons you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  14. Polo’s premier international location gets every Polo enthusiasts heart pumping from January through May. Wellington, which is west of Palm Beach hosts polo matches continuously during these months with the world’s best riders taking the field. A fabulous twist on a farewell brunch would be to host your guests at a brunch and polo match on Sunday afternoon!15 reasons why you should plan your wedding in palm beach
  15. You truly can’t go wrong in choosing to celebrate your marriage in Palm Beach, Florida! The possibilities are endless and in finding a location that really ‘has it all’there aren’t many others like Palm Beach. The 15th reason you should host your wedding here, is because Gold Leaf Event and Production is here, and your wish is our command. We know and love the area and are always thrilled when a bride and groom decide this is the local for them! We are at your service to answer questions and inquiries and hope you will contact us soon to learn more about the fabulous offerings of beautiful Palm Beach!15 reasons why you should plan your wedding in palm beach

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    Great Article! I look forward to have my wedding there next fall. Keep up the great articles!

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