December 11, 2015

Fun Wedding Paper Goods

Happy Friday! For #FunFriday, we've decided to write about some of the #weddings we have done in the past that had some paper goods we just adored. Paper goods are so important to depict the type of event you would like to have. It all comes down to paper quality, color scheme, and most importantly, the design of your paper goods. Here at Gold Leaf Events, we work with some of the top designers in the country to deliver the best looking and best quality paper goods to our client based on their desires for their event. It's all in the details! And that's what we love here in Aspen. Collage 2 We sometimes ask local artists to draw maps of Aspen, or wherever our event is in the world, so guests can navigate their weekend with ease! FotorCreated We love all unique paper goods. The invite in the bottom center has a wax stamp on it with twine wrapped around it. Totally unique and desirable.   An invite, menu for your dinner, program for your event weekend, or any other paper goods you may have for your special day should touch your heart. They should represent you and your future plus 1. The options are endless in creating paper goods that are one of a kind and are meaningful to you! Have a beautiful weekend! Love, The Gold Leaf Events Team xo
December 4, 2015

Our Trip to Amangiri

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Recently, the Gold Leaf Girls were part of a very lucky bunch of event planners from around the country to meet up at the Amangiri Resort in Canyon Point, Utah! (Take us back!!) We loved every minute of the crisp air, to the beauty of the resort, and of course, the splendor of nature surrounding us. Check out these amazing photos below for just a taste of what you're in for if you check in to Amangiri one day! The food: to die for. The amenities: ooh ahh! The views: incredible. The adventure: absolutely invigorating! Trust us when we say, Amangiri is a must for your travel list. Amangiri1 Amangiri2 Amangiri3 Amangiri4 Amangiri5 xo
November 25, 2015

Long Intimate Table

Hello friends! You might be thinking of a way to create a more intimate seating arrangement at your wedding and we've got just the one you're looking for. The long intimate table for your reception is something that we love here at Gold Leaf Events. It creates an ambiance of togetherness and love. When people are sat at one long intimate table, no one feels left out, that they are at a table in the back corner near the bathroom, or too far from the newlyweds. If you have too many guests to sit at just one table, the seating arrangement can be split into two tables just as nicely (depending on your venue space of course)! Having a long intimate table has such a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a wedding, we can't help but love it. Here are some photos of past events we designed here at Gold Leaf Events! DT long table Long tables with alternating height of center pieces allows guests to chat side-by-side and across the table, too! KB long table Having low centerpieces opens up the space beautifully! KD long table These are just a few long intimate table settings from past events we love sharing with you! Happy Planning!   Love, The Gold Leaf Events Team xo
November 12, 2015

Wonderful Winter Wedding Ideas

Hello Brides! Recently we posted about Winter Wedding Stocking Stuffers that we absolutely adore! Now, it’s about time we talk about those unique winter wedding ideas that will make your wedding truly stand out from the crowd of winter weddings.

Whether we are talking about winter tablescapes, or the basket full of cozy pashminas for your guests, there are a million and one great winter wedding ideas to implement to make your wedding day extra special for you and your guests!

A fabulously sweet idea for an escort card is a Christmas ornament your guests can take home. Why not give your guests something they'll be grateful for and be remembered every Christmas when the decorations go up!


Do you have an outdoor lounge area for your guests but are afraid it might be just a little too nippy for them to enjoy? Fear not, beautiful bride! All they need is a warm, cozy blanket, Frasier fur scented candles and voila…you’ve created magical winter wonderland ambience that they are sure to talk of with their friends!


Remember that delicious cup of hot cocoa we spoke about earlier? How could you forget, right?! Your guests will love hot cocoa or spiked eggnog towards the end of the night. Have a dressed up hot bar with all the necessary accoutrement such as mini marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, and chocolate shavings for your guests to help themselves.


If you love these winter wedding ideas as much as we do, rest assured your guests will appreciate them as well! Check back weekly for more ideas from the girls here at Gold Leaf Event Design & Production!