January 10, 2018

Feeling The Chill Of Winter… And Embracing It!

Here are some GLE tips on how to embrace the winter climate, straight from the Rocky Mountains! Bundle up! Whether it’s for yourself or advising your guests, be sure to layer up and keep warm. We love when couples make the best of the brisk weather by incorporating a garment that’s cohesive with their color scheme and aesthetic. Get toasty! Offering pre-ceremony beverages is a sure way to keep guests bodies and mind off the chillier weather. Snuggle up! Offering blankets and heaters aren’t only weather-appropriate, they also offer a unique décor factor your guests will be sure to thank you for! Stay warm out there!!
November 22, 2016

Paper goods don’t always have to be made from paper

There are so many creative ideas for wedding invitations for couples that are using other elements for their wedding invitations. Couples who are getting married hire Gold Leaf Event Design & Production to take their wedding experience to the next level and it all starts with the invitations. We have motivated couples to think outside the “envelope” and showcase their story as one-of-a-kind. By coming up with invitations that jump out to their guests as something totally different invoking a reason to grab their attention and get them excited to celebrate these special couples. invitations-pushing-the-envelope Plenty of the stationers and paper goods craftsmen and women we work with love to bring their medium onto many different types of material. The sky is the limit! Text can be printed on surfaces like wood, leather or faux leather, or engraved directly into translucent plastic, glass, picture frames or metal material. Adding other materials like twine, silk and lace, offer a new twist to traditional wedding designs. View More: At Gold Leaf Event Design & Production we help to start a wedding off on a different level with invitations made from unique materials that let the guests know these occasions with some serious flare! invitations-printed-on-metal When sending out wedding invitations, you want your invitees to get all the details they need such as date, time, and location. What couples really want is for them to receive a beautifully crafted package that represents the personalities of them together. invitations-on-other-material  
November 2, 2016

Invitations, Etiquette and More!

Happy Engagement! It’s Alexandra from Aerialist Press & Foiled Invitations here. Many thanks to Chelsea, Kate and the Gold Leaf Event Design & Production team for having us guest post today.

You’re probably in the beginning stages of your wedding planning, or maybe you’re a few steps ahead and have gotten to the point of selecting your favorite invitation styles. From choosing the perfect color palette to figuring out which monogram best fits your style, it’s all the fun to-do tasks that are the easy ones to check off the list. What might not be at the top of that to do list is nailing down the final invitation wording, especially if you are unsure of what the different etiquette rules are. That’s where we come in!

Our team of etiquette aficionados created an informative info-graphic and guide to help you navigate through and break down the different elements of an invitation and how to best word yours. In addition, we’ve also included some pro tips and tricks about the different attire options, where to include your registry link and whether you really need that extra reception card.

If you’re looking for some extra wedding wording examples, we’ve also got you covered! For a full set of 21 examples for every celebration you can think of. You can take a peek at the full post of our up on our blog.

October 30, 2016

A Halloween Wedding

Next year we want to plan a Halloween wedding. Aspen would be the perfect backdrop for a haunted sunset nuptial and an exciting statement wedding unlike anything ever done before! Everyone talks spooky creative party themes but who has ever done a Halloween wedding!! Think of all the fun.   lytlefoto Lytle Foto Photography First Aspen is dead by Halloween weekend and the Aspen hotels would be thrilled to have your guests stay with them in this off-season!   sky-hotel%e2%80%8ehalloween-party-at-39-degrees Sky Hotel Aspen   Next we’ve found the perfect venue, the Ute Cemetery with dark shadows for your graveside service! The spooky unmarked graves could carry the theme “written in stone” as you wind down stone pathways and mausoleums. ute Aspen Walking Tours  aspenvictorian-complacesute-cemetery   When it comes to décor there are a million spooky Halloween wedding themes to run off- Victorian vibes with laces and voodoo, statement pieces dedicated to remembering the dead start with dried roses, blacks, and purples. Pumpkin columns at the alter layered in flowers! The skeleton-hand champagne glasses designed around all hallow’s eve!   Back Camera pumpkin-decor Back Camera   Let’s think creepy confections! Like this whimsical cake– his and hers cake til death do us part. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate ghosts and ghouls or Frankenstein’s head on a platter to round out the spooky Halloween wedding theme.   beverlys-bakery Beverly's Bakery Cake   Finally the fashion will bring this moody affair to life! Who says the groom is the only one who can wear black? Take a witchy woman darker and dramatic twist on a classic wedding gown to black lace or velvet! Dress your bridesmaids in purples and edgy glamour to complete this elegant look and your statement wedding!  Call Gold Leaf Event Design & Production so we can start planning your Halloween wedding for next year.   meghanelisephotography-adinasbridal Meghan Elise Photography