December 26, 2018

Get a Ring this Engagement Season? Here’s What to do First!

There’s a reason why close to 40% of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day. This season has plenty of inspiring opportunities to pop the question with the cozy atmosphere and joyful feeling all around. If you’re one of the lucky ladies who received a ring this engagement season and now you’re wondering what’s next, you’re in the right place! Let’s break down the things that should be first on your to do list as you start wedding planning.

Start a New Pinterest Board

Even if you already have a Pinterest board full of wedding inspiration, it’s a good idea to start a fresh one now that your dreams are becoming reality. A new board can help you narrow down your vision to something more concise and realistic. But don’t get carried away about making your wedding “Pinterest perfect”. Although Pinterest is helpful for communicating your vision to vendors, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by unrealistic expectations after hours of scrolling.

Assemble Your Planning Team

It’s time to start thinking about the people you’ll want to rely on during this exciting time. Start researching vendors, especially wedding plannerswho will be able to guide you through the whole process. Look through their online presence and try to meet in person to determine if they will be a good match for your wedding style. You’ll be spending one of the most special days of your life with this person so you want to make sure you get along with them and are able to be open and honest.

Take Care of Your Ring

Now that you’ve got some new bling on your finger, make sure you treat it right so it lasts a lifetime. Get your ring correctly sized if it isn’t already and make sure you take it in for cleanings and inspections. Having your ring examined regularly by a professional will help catch any loosening stones or other damage early. You may also want to look into insuring your ring so that if anything catastrophic happens you’ll be covered. This is much easier to do early on when you have receipts handy.

Go On a Date

With all of the excitement this time of year, don’t forget to take a moment to celebrate with your new fiancé. Go out for a fun date with just the two of you and focus on the reason you want to get married in the first place. During the holidays especially, your friends and family might move on from your engagement to other festivities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some extra time to bask in the moment.

Figure Out Your Budget

Before you start signing contracts and picking dates, determine what your budget is. Consider your savings, any contributions from family as well as personal wedding loan optionsto put together the number you’ll be working with to finance your dream wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask your families for a specific dollar amount if they are planning on contributing. To ensure all aspects of the costs are covered, sit down with everyone who is contributing to delegate the payments. This will help alleviate some stress and give you a sense of clarity moving forward.

Start Preparing for Marriage

While you’re obviously excited to plan your wedding, it’s important to remember that the marriage that follows is even more important. Now that you and your spouse-to-be are building your future together it’s time to invest in the foundation of your relationship. Whether that means attending premarital counseling or reading some marriage advice books together, keeping the focus on your relationship will help cut down on some of the stress that comes along with wedding planning.

Did you get a ring this engagement season? Feel free to reach outand see how Gold Leaf Event Design can help with all of your wedding planning next steps!

January 13, 2017

Natural Outdoor Settings

At Gold Leaf Event Design & Production we are based in the Rocky Mountains in Aspen Colorado. We are surrounded in natural outdoor settings and we are inspired daily by the beauty that surrounds us in the mountains. Many couples come to Colorado for the natural outdoor inspiration and whether they find it in Colorado or in other naturally beautiful settings they then use it to encapsulate their wedding day. It gives guests a chance to escape the fast pace of life and enjoy some time outdoors. An outdoor setting can be made into any design or style that you prefer for your wedding. There’s nothing like a beautiful outdoor setting for your wedding. Finding a setting that accommodates guests, flowers, food, and refreshments without adding unneeded stress is a feat on its own! Fortunately Gold Leaf Event Design & Production has experience in all types of beautiful outdoor settings that will compliment your decor for your dream wedding. Make your wedding one to remember with these beautiful outdoor options. Natural Beach Setting Imagine the sound of waves crashing and the picture-perfect background of the ocean while the bride and groom are saying their vows. The beach is a gorgeous natural outdoor setting that is perfect for a warm weather wedding. Keep your wedding designs simple to enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean and the sand. Have your wedding at sunset for stunning and memorable pictures! The Garden Wedding A garden wedding is another perfect natural setting to enjoy beautiful scenery which is also carefully crafted. The beauty of a garden wedding is that it offers flowers, trees and other plants that are controlled for a beautiful appearance. Wooded Background Are you hoping for a Colorado wedding? Then a forest background may be an ideal place to have your natural outdoor wedding. The natural backdrop of trees creates a romantic outdoor setting. The trees, flowers and plants create a picture-perfect image behind the bride and groom. A forest in the background will create a natural and rugged feel that can be enhanced based on your preferences. A Lakeside Wedding A lakeside wedding provides a beautiful natural setting with views of a blue lake in natural environment. Lakeside weddings invoke newlyweds and families to celebrate the occasion with the beauty of natural surroundings. Mountain Top Ceremony Keep it simple so that you and your guests can enjoy the natural beauty and the picture-perfect background of the sun setting over the mountains. A mountain range in the background will create a wild, and natural outdoor setting on top of the world. Have your wedding at an unexpected time to take advantage of the natural light, or lack of light.
January 10, 2017

A White Winter Wedding in Aspen!

Happy 2017! Winter has arrived in our mountain town and it adds a wonderful cast as we reflect on the holiday season passed. As we settle back into our daily routines we remember fun-filled celebrations and quality time spent with friends and family, no wonder it is dubbed “engagement season.” With many guests visiting Aspen’s winter wonderland in the mountains they begin to envision a white winter wedding in Aspen! white-winter-wonderland-wedding-in-aspen   aspen-winter-wedding-ceremony-2   At Gold Leaf Event Design & Production we had the pleasure to bring a white winter wedding celebration for Phyllis and Chris’ nearest and dearest to life! We transformed The Sundeck Patio and The Aspen Mountain Club into an unforgettable snow globe at 11,200 feet! aspen-white-winter-wedding white-winter-wonderland-wedding   aspen-gondola-wedding   One of the most beloved Aspen wedding venues is located on top of Aspen Mountain. With stunning views of the Elk Mountains, the majestic colors and starry skies; The Sundeck’s views do not disappoint no matter which season! Phyllis and Chris’ vision embodied all that we love about winter weddings in The Rockies!  We enjoy working with the natural colors winter brings to Aspen; unique design comes easy for weddings during the darkest days of the year.  Take a look at how to incorporate classic winter white and cheery red for Phyllis and Chris’ White Winter Aspen Mountain wedding! winter-wedding-in-the-mountains   aspen-mountain-winter-wedding-floral At Gold Leaf Event Design & Production we find The Sundeck is one of the best Aspen wedding venues for it's gorgeous location, incredible staff and amazing food! With any season your guests will not forget the romantic atmosphere on top of the world!  We would love to help plan your perfect White Winter Wedding on Aspen Mountain. aspen-winter-wedding-planner-decor aspen-winter-wedding-ceremony aspen-mountain-sundeck-winter-wedding   From the morning’s pre-ceremony festivities that went on past the starry winter evening, the entire day was unbelievably beautiful. The bride’s corridors were surrounded by excitement, mimosas, fuzzy robes and furry bridesmaid stoles.  The ceremony and cocktail hour’s magical backdrop of one of Aspen’s most beautiful views encapsulated the perfect winter Aspen Mountain wedding. The snow globe feel of The Aspen Mountain Club carried the evening’s festivities which included dinner, toasts, and dancing at the top of the world on their White Winter Wedding in Aspen. Each moment of Phyllis and Chris’ winter Aspen Mountain wedding was extremely unique! fuzzy-winter-wedding aspen-mountain-winter-wedding snow-globe-winter-wedding   aspen-mountain-winter-wedding-sundeck  
June 27, 2016

Diamond Cuts

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.45.26 PM

Wedding and Event Planner Colorado - Marilyn MonroeWhat can we say? Sometimes diamonds are a girl's best friend! So we want to make sure you know all about the styles, cuts, clarity, and color.  And we thought what better way to illustrate to you all about our favorite type of high pressured carbon than to show you a few of the amazing rings we have seen over the years!Brooke and Ryan-photos by Kate Holstein - Wedding & Event Planner ColoradoSara Hasstedt: Photographer -  Wedding & Event Planner ColoradoKatrina and Dan by Scott Clark -  Wedding & Event Planner ColoradoTiffany and Mario by Lara Rios -  Wedding & Event Planner ColoradoSara Hasstedt: Photographer -  Wedding & Event Planner ColoradoBridget and Justin-photos by C2 photography - Wedding & Event Planner Colorado