Top Five Dessert Trends for Weddings

Sweet or Savory?!

Top Five Dessert Trends for Weddings

dessert trends for wedding

We see it at every wedding… eyes widening, mouths watering and fingers getting ready to grab as servers disperse from the kitchen with dessert trays. Search no further, we have the top five dessert trends for weddings right here! Whether a dessert cocktail served with cotton candy along the rim is a pleasant surprise, or a deconstructed waffle s’more served on a stick is a sweet treat you’ve seen on Pinterest, and always wanted to try, like any other craze in the event industry, desserts trends are on the rise!

event-planner-aspen-colorado-371. Cookies, Cake Pops and Cupcakes

Guests are more likely to divulge their sweet tooth if you serve something smaller, and less intimidating to consume. Rather than waiting for a hefty slice of cake, which requires guests to part from the dance floor to try, the easy-to-eat items like cake pops are not only cute and delicious, they’re convenient!

wedding dessert2. Espresso Bars

While celebrating is fun, it’s exhausting! To give your guests some extra pep in their step, provide an assortment of late night drinks made with coffee. For the guests who want to keep the party going all night, having Café Patron, RumChata, Kahlua or Baileys available to add to their caffeinated cocktails will be sure to do the trick. Add doughnuts with optional dipping sauces to the table and WaaLaa! The party’s just getting started!

donuts3. Candy Buffet

We know it’s hard to imagine but when a candy bar is present, the real bar loses customers. A buffet displaying assorted candy in apothecary jars isn’t just a child’s fantasy, it seems as though it’s many adults as well. All you need to do is pick out you and your hubby’s favorite “go to” treats, create a unique custom bag or jar for guests to fill and leave them to it! (Gummy bears are always a huge hit!) This isn’t only a fun and interactive way to offer dessert, it’s also budget friendly!Trail mix bar4. Pies

Don’t be surprised to eat pie! As we’ve all seen “rustic” weddings take over the industry for the past several seasons, pies have taken superiority over the rustic wedding dessert table. Whether we’re coordinating a wedding on a mountain, by a ranch, in a vineyard or lakeside we’ve seen a spike in client’s asking pastry chefs to bake pies with locally grown, seasonal fruits. Sorry cake lovers!

Chelsea&Chace08125. Say Cheese!

All you “sweeties” out there are going to be shocked… some couples have relinquished typical dessert options all together and have gone international with their love for cheese! Don’t fret, chocolate and fruit often dress the spread of a variety of cheeses nicely, and compliment the taste delectably.

Cheese cake at wedding

The Gold Leaf girls love a sweet treat!


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