Top 5 Ideas to Spook Your Halloween Guests

Halloween is here!  We are ecstatic.  We have dusted off our vampire teeth, bid farewell (for a few days) to our candy restricting diets, and are getting THRILLED for all the Halloween parties to come.  It’s hard enough thinking of a costume (what is everyone going to be??), but planning unique ideas for your All Hallows Eve bash is just one more thing to send shivers up your spines!  We have found some amazing ideas, fit for college friends, and college friend’s little tikes to mix into the game plan this year.  Take a peek and be sure to leave your ideas in the comments below!  We love ideas for a Gold Leaf Halloween!

Halloween Ideas

This is a win-win.  Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries enough as it is?  These little ghosts are so cute, kid friendly, and are sure to impress all your ghoulish guests.

Halloween Ideas

Harry Potter.  What more do we need to say.  ALWAYS a favorite, and any option to play Quidditch as a Muggel, is a fabulous option for us.

Halloween Ideas

We love this super clever idea to cool your brews.  It is festive, practical, and inexpensive.  It also keeps halloween fun as opposed to some of the more gruesome options.  Dual-tip: put a bowl filled with salsa, fondue, or snack mix in another pumpkin to keep a running theme!

Halloween Ideas

Enjoy these spooky syringe shots without the unexpected fee from barely-there dressed girls at the club.  This idea is so fun and incredibly easy.  A great halloween spin to the forever-favorite jello shot.

Halloween Ideas

Rounding out our Halloween favorites is this hilarious “shrunken” head idea.  Husband or wife getting on your bad side recently, maybe the kids, pop their heads in a jar and line them on the kitchen counter with this easy how-to.  Guests will be sure to use manners at the table, and say thank you when they leave :).

Be safe and have a wonderful Halloween!

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