Letting Your Personality Shine Through on Your Wedding Day

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At Gold Leaf, we compile a list of our favorite wedding day trends every season. We’re always looking ahead to see what new elements are being introduced, but we also like to remind brides to stay true to themselves and their hubbys-to-be. Let your personality shine through on your wedding day!



One of the biggest concerns we hear from our brides is trying to force a trend or incorporate a last minute idea because it’s the ‘it’ thing at the moment.

We work with many brides that have a wide range of tastes and ideas. We’re here to help guide each one through her wedding planning process.

Keep in mind that your grandchildren will likely see your wedding photos one day and if you’re wearing a tree branch crown with a black tie gown, they’re probably going to wonder what grandma was thinking the day she said ‘I do’.

View More: http://jason-gina.pass.us/jessica-andrewBlack tie gowns (spoiler alert: black tie is ‘in’ again) are ah-mah-zing, as are delicate, earthy flower crowns, but we can tell when someone is incorporating a trend for the sake of it. And we recommend against that.

There are subtle ways to bring in a trend you like, which we will go over as wedding season gets underway.

Let your personality shine through on your wedding dayGold Leaf Brides, we love you as you are. We admire your beauty, love and willingness to cut a rug. And those are all the qualities you’ll need on your wedding day. So, do not worry if you can’t incorporate a seasonal trend, one that will have you shaking your head in a few years time, into your big day. Let your true personality shine through on your wedding day!

All-Photos--Color-0636Let your personality shine through on your wedding day!

Did we mention, we love you? Now go be true to YOU!

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