Social Events / Event Design

Social Event Planning:

There are so many reasons to celebrate and even more reasons to procrastinate on planning an event. So leave the décor, details and event planning to Gold Leaf Event Design & Production. Gold Leaf is a boutique, in-house team of talented individuals creating once in a lifetime events. Only so many moments, dates, and events mark our lives. It is our job to be sure you remember the way your day smelled, felt, looked and sounded.

  • Enjoy a themed event, holiday party or black tie ball
  • Create a seasonal soiree
  • Celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, engagement party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, christening, or anniversary event
  • Entertain guests with a fun cocktail party or intimate dinner

Event Design:

Gold Leaf loves décor, details and design. It’s our pleasure to listen to your stories and incorporate personal touches that reflect the client in our event design. Whether your passion is in coffee or chrysanthemums, we are here to create an event that is reflective of YOU!