Aerialist Press & Foiled Invitations

November 2, 2016

Invitations, Etiquette and More!

Happy Engagement! It’s Alexandra from Aerialist Press & Foiled Invitations here. Many thanks to Chelsea, Kate and the Gold Leaf Event Design & Production team for having us guest post today.

You’re probably in the beginning stages of your wedding planning, or maybe you’re a few steps ahead and have gotten to the point of selecting your favorite invitation styles. From choosing the perfect color palette to figuring out which monogram best fits your style, it’s all the fun to-do tasks that are the easy ones to check off the list. What might not be at the top of that to do list is nailing down the final invitation wording, especially if you are unsure of what the different etiquette rules are. That’s where we come in!

Our team of etiquette aficionados created an informative info-graphic and guide to help you navigate through and break down the different elements of an invitation and how to best word yours. In addition, we’ve also included some pro tips and tricks about the different attire options, where to include your registry link and whether you really need that extra reception card.

If you’re looking for some extra wedding wording examples, we’ve also got you covered! For a full set of 21 examples for every celebration you can think of. You can take a peek at the full post of our up on our blog.