beautiful outdoor setting

January 13, 2017

Natural Outdoor Settings

At Gold Leaf Event Design & Production we are based in the Rocky Mountains in Aspen Colorado. We are surrounded in natural outdoor settings and we are inspired daily by the beauty that surrounds us in the mountains. Many couples come to Colorado for the natural outdoor inspiration and whether they find it in Colorado or in other naturally beautiful settings they then use it to encapsulate their wedding day. It gives guests a chance to escape the fast pace of life and enjoy some time outdoors. An outdoor setting can be made into any design or style that you prefer for your wedding. There’s nothing like a beautiful outdoor setting for your wedding. Finding a setting that accommodates guests, flowers, food, and refreshments without adding unneeded stress is a feat on its own! Fortunately Gold Leaf Event Design & Production has experience in all types of beautiful outdoor settings that will compliment your decor for your dream wedding. Make your wedding one to remember with these beautiful outdoor options. Natural Beach Setting Imagine the sound of waves crashing and the picture-perfect background of the ocean while the bride and groom are saying their vows. The beach is a gorgeous natural outdoor setting that is perfect for a warm weather wedding. Keep your wedding designs simple to enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean and the sand. Have your wedding at sunset for stunning and memorable pictures! The Garden Wedding A garden wedding is another perfect natural setting to enjoy beautiful scenery which is also carefully crafted. The beauty of a garden wedding is that it offers flowers, trees and other plants that are controlled for a beautiful appearance. Wooded Background Are you hoping for a Colorado wedding? Then a forest background may be an ideal place to have your natural outdoor wedding. The natural backdrop of trees creates a romantic outdoor setting. The trees, flowers and plants create a picture-perfect image behind the bride and groom. A forest in the background will create a natural and rugged feel that can be enhanced based on your preferences. A Lakeside Wedding A lakeside wedding provides a beautiful natural setting with views of a blue lake in natural environment. Lakeside weddings invoke newlyweds and families to celebrate the occasion with the beauty of natural surroundings. Mountain Top Ceremony Keep it simple so that you and your guests can enjoy the natural beauty and the picture-perfect background of the sun setting over the mountains. A mountain range in the background will create a wild, and natural outdoor setting on top of the world. Have your wedding at an unexpected time to take advantage of the natural light, or lack of light.
January 30, 2017

Fun ideas for a Mini-Moon   

A long weekend of being the center of attention will leave you and tired, and going back to work on Monday won’t give you much time to process all of it! If you are feeling you cannot afford a lavish honeymoon after wedding expenses and time taken off from work please don’t over look it. It is amazing if you can make a tropical escape happen, but that’s not entirely the point. The point of a mini-moon is taking a few days to be with each other and digest the commitment, sleep in a little bit and not answer emails.  Here are a few fun ideas for a mini-moon from Gold Leaf Event Design & Production. Airbnb A mini-moon you can take in your own backyard.  With Airbnb, there are price points across the board you can rent entire homes or condos for sometimes less than a hotel! With everything provided at your own home means less need to plan your trip and more sitting back and enjoying it. Where it all started Take it back to a special place where you first met, had your first date- something special that you can relive on year after year for your anniversaries to come. Hotel extended stay Couples who have their wedding at a beautiful hotel will some times have a complimentary room included with all the expenses gone into their special event.  It is a nice idea to extend for an extra night or two.  After the Sunday brunch and bid farewell to your last guests go ahead and check back in that you are already VIP in house. Camping Our adventurous Colorado wedding couples who opt to celebrate in the beautiful outdoors enjoy the same feeling of escaping all into your own world on a mini-moon campsite!