Colorado Wedding

October 16, 2015

Winter Wedding Stocking Stuffers

Okay, maybe you aren't giving everyone a welcome gift in a stocking, but we think it would be amazing if you did!

It's no secret the Gold Leaf team gushes over a dreamy white winter wedding and we love the creativity that comes along with the not-so-typical cold weather nuptials. Welcome boxes are a perfect outlet for that roaring creativity and we have put some of our favorite finds together for you to pack up for guests.


We think this idea could be so cute, especially if planned correctly! Does your welcome dinner venue have a fire pit? How about the hotel? This would be a little tough to travel with, so if you could utilize this right away, you could make your guests feel extra toasty. (We also love this idea for place cards, more and more weddings are featuring outdoor fire pits and s’mores for dessert!)  Check it out here!

wedding gifts

Jet lag? Family-lag? Wedding guests are always in need of a pick-me-up and chocolate covered espresso beans are the perfect treat! This site also makes these amazing personalized bundles of coffee grounds as well! You’re party won’t stop!

wedding gifts

We cannot get enough of these socks! They are the absolute cutest idea thanks to Brit + Co. (whom we adore)!  Socks are so versatile and will be enjoyed by both men and women at your wedding. Depending on where your wedding is being held, see if there are any known sock companies in that state, for example: Vermont is known for their Darn Tough’s (and other things…we’re talking to you maple syrup) it keeps it fun and very relevant!

weddings gifts  

Branders customizes anything under the sun for a very affordable price. What happens more at a wedding, ESPECIALLY in the chilly air? Teary eyes and runny noses, help keep guests comfy with their own pack of tissues.


Chances are there is going to be some cider poking around a winter wedding, spice it up with everyone’s favorite cinnamon whisky! Just be sure it isn’t first thing in the morning :)

January 12, 2017

3 Tips for a Successful Colorado Event

Memorable Colorado events don't just happen, organizing and holding an event in Colorado takes planning. Whether it's a private party, red carpet
event, conference, or a seminar here are 3 tips for planning a successful Colorado event: 1) Getting to know your client- personal interaction and attention to your relationship with your client will ensure you are on the same wavelength so that you fully understand their vision. Gold Leaf Event Design & Production is a destination management company with clients ranging from all over the world who would like to produce an event in Colorado. We work together to build lasting relationships with our clients by creating the most memorable Colorado events. 2) Have fun- A comfortable relationship with our clients will always make the process fun. Planning a memorable event in Colorado is a lot of hard work- so this one will make it easier to spend the next few weeks and months a fun process. If you have fun with your clients planning an event in Colorado will be a breeze! 3) Being realistic- Don’t say yes to everything because you feel the pressure to perform. That will make your job harder when expectations are not met. A successful Colorado event is built around constraints you find ways to work within- that is why clients hire a planner because you are the experts. A Colorado event has the beauty of the mountains, which also present a challenge in logistics, at Gold Leaf Event Design & Production we are aware of all that can be realistically created for a successful Colorado event.
January 13, 2017

Natural Outdoor Settings

At Gold Leaf Event Design & Production we are based in the Rocky Mountains in Aspen Colorado. We are surrounded in natural outdoor settings and we are inspired daily by the beauty that surrounds us in the mountains. Many couples come to Colorado for the natural outdoor inspiration and whether they find it in Colorado or in other naturally beautiful settings they then use it to encapsulate their wedding day. It gives guests a chance to escape the fast pace of life and enjoy some time outdoors. An outdoor setting can be made into any design or style that you prefer for your wedding. There’s nothing like a beautiful outdoor setting for your wedding. Finding a setting that accommodates guests, flowers, food, and refreshments without adding unneeded stress is a feat on its own! Fortunately Gold Leaf Event Design & Production has experience in all types of beautiful outdoor settings that will compliment your decor for your dream wedding. Make your wedding one to remember with these beautiful outdoor options. Natural Beach Setting Imagine the sound of waves crashing and the picture-perfect background of the ocean while the bride and groom are saying their vows. The beach is a gorgeous natural outdoor setting that is perfect for a warm weather wedding. Keep your wedding designs simple to enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean and the sand. Have your wedding at sunset for stunning and memorable pictures! The Garden Wedding A garden wedding is another perfect natural setting to enjoy beautiful scenery which is also carefully crafted. The beauty of a garden wedding is that it offers flowers, trees and other plants that are controlled for a beautiful appearance. Wooded Background Are you hoping for a Colorado wedding? Then a forest background may be an ideal place to have your natural outdoor wedding. The natural backdrop of trees creates a romantic outdoor setting. The trees, flowers and plants create a picture-perfect image behind the bride and groom. A forest in the background will create a natural and rugged feel that can be enhanced based on your preferences. A Lakeside Wedding A lakeside wedding provides a beautiful natural setting with views of a blue lake in natural environment. Lakeside weddings invoke newlyweds and families to celebrate the occasion with the beauty of natural surroundings. Mountain Top Ceremony Keep it simple so that you and your guests can enjoy the natural beauty and the picture-perfect background of the sun setting over the mountains. A mountain range in the background will create a wild, and natural outdoor setting on top of the world. Have your wedding at an unexpected time to take advantage of the natural light, or lack of light.
January 24, 2017

Charitable Wedding Celebrations

We’ve all heard the incredible story where a jilted bride whose groom was a no-show ended up donating her entire wedding reception to a local homeless shelter. In the spirit of selflessness and awareness of others we thought it would be nice to focus on gifts that are appreciated most are those that benefit others. Your wedding day is a day you have inevitably thought about how special it will before it actually happens. For many this will be one of the few momentous unforgettable days of your life, focusing entirely on you and your partner. Not many people will have another occasion like it in their life- celebrating a birthday comes every year- a big blow out celebration of your commitment to love is a once-in-a-lifetime experience when all is centered around you. A day centered on your favorite songs, food, champagne, gifts and friends and family all together for one reason. While of course this is a significant occasion where it is ok to be a bit selfish, in the spirit of kindness and awareness many couples find ways to give back, helping others find happiness in your celebration of love. Below are a few ideas to bring your wedding celebration to a charitable level.   Charity wedding registries are great because not only can a couple use their special day to support a cause, but wedding guests often find it rewarding too.     Donate your wedding dress. Along with other accessories please consider donating to a non-profit like The organization will resell them and use the proceeds to help women with cancer.   Ask your bridesmaids to do the same. Beautiful gowns can always be reused, there are plenty of organizations that provide prom dresses for disadvantaged high school girls; The Glass Slipper Project in Chicago is one.  Check out where they list similar charities nationwide. Reuse your flowers. Call a local nursing home or hospital and ask if you can donate your florals after your wedding weekend. So many lovely decorations can be used more than once to spread some cheer. Rent a nonprofit event space. Think of how distinctive your reception would be if it took place at a museum or botanical garden. The site fee would be tax-deductible and you’ll know it’s supporting a cause. Create care packages. Gift bags are an additional touch for out-of-town guests. With bulk orders consider making up some extras for troops overseas—the thought goes very far to think of others who would benefit from your snacks and Chap Stick. Go to for more information. Don’t waste food. Arrange to have any extra food from your reception donated to feed others in your area. Find out more from