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October 27, 2016

The Gold Standard for Events in Aspen

The Gold Standard for Events in Aspen

  The Gold Standard for events in Aspen holds Gold Leaf accountable as the best planner in Aspen. What does it take to throw an unforgettable experience? When you come to Gold Leaf Event Design & Production you are looking for a planner who will assist with something fantastic, unique, unforgettable and easy going so you can enjoy the process from the early planning stages until the last guest leaves raving this was truly the best event they had ever attended in their life. When you think of the best party you have ever been to- what comes to mind? Gold Leaf is there from start to finish to ensure the experience grabs your guest’s attention and then delights them all through their journey, engaging and moving them in some way. That’s what you want and we want what you want- we want to be measured up to The Gold Standard for Events as the best event planner in Aspen.  In practice we measure ourselves to the top 5 event standards which sets us apart from everybody else as the best planner in Aspen. life-defining

Emotional and Life Defining Moments

From the big picture of your Aspen celebration to a single detail Gold Leaf has the vision and practical knowledge to make sure your intents are met every step of the way. Relying on an event to be a success with the knowledge as The Gold Standard that Gold Leaf will stir emotions and produce life-defining moments we stop at nothing to make sure that every aspect of your Aspen Celebration is done to perfection. emotional life-defining1  


Planners add the most value to their clients by solving problems. Always the best question we get is what was the biggest issue you had to quickly and creatively solve while on site at an event? Father of the bride slept through his alarm clock? Groomsmen forgot his tie? As the best planner in Aspen we have the resources in place for back up! Your band got delayed by reasons beyond our control- don’t worry our DJ from last night’s event is still in town. Gold Leaf solves the problem before anyone is aware it is there at all. We are comfortable with change because we do it all the time- our job teaches us to practice flexibility on a weekly basis and practice makes perfect. flexibility   flexibility3    


The key to any relationship is open and direct collaboration, Gold Leaf measures itself to The Gold Standard of Events so you always know where we are in the process and where your best energies are being spent. With clear communication between vendors and pricing to thorough month-by-month timelines you know where our efforts are focused and our clients can be as much or as little a part of the planning at any step along the way. transparancy1   transparancy    

Unique Design

Would you like to recreate a hanging wall at your father’s 70th birthday party? Fireworks at your welcome dinner? Synchronized swimmers at your backyard celebration?  As the best planner in Aspen we use a complete approach to visualizing and realizing your design goals and develop unique and remarkable experiences. We will search high and low for the perfect effect or vendor who will make your dreams come to reality.  We embrace the opportunity to create new relationships with vendors we never knew before. uniqu2 2014 Aspen Gay Ski Week - Civil Union Ceremony  


You came to the best planner in Aspen for a reason! You have an event coming up that you would like to make the most unforgettable day but don’t know how. That’s where we come in- we take on all creative liberties and spend our time brainstorming to conceptualize the best event in Aspen so you don’t have to. Gold Leaf you will stop at nothing to design your event different than anything else we have ever produced. We make it our mission not to reuse the same ideas over again and push ourselves to think outside the box from wedding gift registries to Aspen experiences to delight your guests from near and far.   creative1 creative