dog in wedding ceremony

August 17, 2014

How to Involve Your Dog in your Wedding Ceremony

Ceremonial Canines?

How to Involove Your Dog in your Wedding Ceremony 

dog-in-Wedding“You have something old, something new, something borrowed…now how about something chewed?”  -American Kennel Club

Couples often consider furry friends an essential part of their family and want to have their dog in the wedding ceremony. The Gold Leaf girls could not agree more and couldn’t imagine a wedding without their pups. Whether you’re looking for photos ops or to make your pooch part of the wedding party, here are some stylish looks, canine flare and helpful tips to help your dog be part of the wedding ceremony. dog-in-wedding-ceremony Pet Friendly Property First and most importantly, make sure the venue you choose is pet friendly! We also recommend notifying your photographer that there will be a dog present and ready for his or her photo-op. You want to make sure your photographer is comfortable working with animals. Also let your photographer know that you would love lots of pics with your dog in the wedding ceremony. Nearly every hotel has pet friendly rooms these days but make sure you call ahead to reserve a pet friendly accommodation. wedding sign for dog Pooch Position Before deciding how the dog will be included on the big day, make sure you know how they will interact with a large group of people. If you have a skittish dog, they may not be very happy being part of the ceremony. Another important thing to think about is what your dog will do after the ceremony. You won’t want Fido on the dance floor, so make sure you have someone that can bring them back to your house or hotel room after the ceremony. If your dog is obedient and can follow direction make sure there is a dog point person who can guide them down the aisle.  Groomsmen love to be dog wranglers.   Pooch Petals Yes, dogs can have flowers too! Florists can make anything from a small wreath to a classy boutonnière to style your dog out for the big day. This will help keep him or her color coordinated with the bridal party. wedding-dog-attire How to Involve a Dog in the Ceremony Ring Bearer - We love a dog ring bearer but wouldn’t give them the real ring in case they decide to take off with the rings. Bridal Entrance Announcer – Have your pup carry a sign that says “here comes the bride.” (This works best if the dog is a larger dog.)