Donate your wedding dress

January 24, 2017

Charitable Wedding Celebrations

We’ve all heard the incredible story where a jilted bride whose groom was a no-show ended up donating her entire wedding reception to a local homeless shelter. In the spirit of selflessness and awareness of others we thought it would be nice to focus on gifts that are appreciated most are those that benefit others. Your wedding day is a day you have inevitably thought about how special it will before it actually happens. For many this will be one of the few momentous unforgettable days of your life, focusing entirely on you and your partner. Not many people will have another occasion like it in their life- celebrating a birthday comes every year- a big blow out celebration of your commitment to love is a once-in-a-lifetime experience when all is centered around you. A day centered on your favorite songs, food, champagne, gifts and friends and family all together for one reason. While of course this is a significant occasion where it is ok to be a bit selfish, in the spirit of kindness and awareness many couples find ways to give back, helping others find happiness in your celebration of love. Below are a few ideas to bring your wedding celebration to a charitable level.   Charity wedding registries are great because not only can a couple use their special day to support a cause, but wedding guests often find it rewarding too.     Donate your wedding dress. Along with other accessories please consider donating to a non-profit like The organization will resell them and use the proceeds to help women with cancer.   Ask your bridesmaids to do the same. Beautiful gowns can always be reused, there are plenty of organizations that provide prom dresses for disadvantaged high school girls; The Glass Slipper Project in Chicago is one.  Check out where they list similar charities nationwide. Reuse your flowers. Call a local nursing home or hospital and ask if you can donate your florals after your wedding weekend. So many lovely decorations can be used more than once to spread some cheer. Rent a nonprofit event space. Think of how distinctive your reception would be if it took place at a museum or botanical garden. The site fee would be tax-deductible and you’ll know it’s supporting a cause. Create care packages. Gift bags are an additional touch for out-of-town guests. With bulk orders consider making up some extras for troops overseas—the thought goes very far to think of others who would benefit from your snacks and Chap Stick. Go to for more information. Don’t waste food. Arrange to have any extra food from your reception donated to feed others in your area. Find out more from