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August 12, 2014

Say “I Do to” Your Bridal Hair!

Not sure what to do with your hair for the big day? We’re here to help! say i do to your bridal hair When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day there are endless possibilities! Prior to any pre-wedding day cuts, it is crucial to keep in mind texture and length. Selecting a style that compliments your face and type of dress is important; as it can completely alter the overall “bridal look” you’re going for.   We love hair accessories! A veil, headband, head wrap or crystal comb will help complete your already flawless ensemble. Regardless of wearing your hair up, down or in-between, take all aspects of your personal style into account so you can say I Do to your bridal hair! say i do to your bridal hair  The formal bride: If the wedding is being held at a more traditional venue such as a synagogue or church it’s likely for women to be more inclined to choose a more elegant and formal look. An up-do, the most traditional hairstyle for women is a great choice for a black tie affair. Up-dos stay in place throughout the entire night (and sometimes bobby-pins can be found for days after). They appeal to women with longer hair and fine texture. If the back of the dress needs to be featured, hair up, and off the neck helps to do just that! say i do to your bridal hair The contemporary bride: Whether your hosting a formal event or a casual soiree, the half up-do is a great mix between sophisticated and feminine. It’s a convenient technique for the bride who would like to keep their hair out of their eyes, while enjoying a refined “completed” style and executing the sexy look of wearing your hair down. say i do to your bridal hair Women with short and long hair can pull off this fun vibe. Including braids, bows or crystal clips is a great way to help complete this contemporary style. say i do to your bridal hair The free-flowing bride: Theless formal the wedding, the freer you should feel to let your hair hang down. Leaving all of your hair down is a great look for outdoor weddings, and less traditional celebrations. Adding waves gives hair dimension, while bringing focus to the front of the wedding dress. If you’d also like to show off the back, a side sweep could also be a great choice for you! This style attracts women who have thick, lengthy hair and is complimented nicely with a floral headpiece. say i do to your bridal hair You can find other great bridal hair blogs on: Style Me Pretty & Tie The Knot