September 17, 2014

Three Rules on Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Every woman loves to be a bridesmaid, however very few of them like being pushed into wearing and often times purchasing an unflattering dress. Your bridesmaids should be excited about their wedding wear on your big day, and with Gold Leaf’s quick and easy tips on bridesmaids’ dresses, we can help guide you to picking the perfect dress for your best buds! Here three rules on picking the perfect bridesmaid dress: Three Rules on Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress 1). First off, it’s always crucial to keep in mind your bridesmaids’ body types and color pallets. Not all dresses compliment every body type. Not to worry though, there are several cuts to choose from such as the long elegant dress, the short and sassy number, a strapless beauty or a more conservative look, just to name a few. Three Rules on Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress 2) If one dress cannot be decided on for all of the girls, due to different body types or tastes, there’s always the option to mix and match! Some women can sport a long, flowing dress whilst others compliment short and flirty ones. Some girls may prefer strapless while others want the extra support. All of these are visually pleasing as long as you are consistent with a color palette and theme. Let them choose what makes them more comfortable. Three Rules on Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress 3) How do you pick a eye appealing palette and theme? It’s important to choose a color palette that is prominent in your wedding. Do not feel limited to one color. You can have multiple shades of the same color or a combination of ombréd colors. Mismatched patterns within the same color pallet work as well! This is a unique way to set your wedding attire apart from others. Three Rules on Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress There are endless ways to deck out your bridesmaids in stylish dresses. The key is to keep consistency throughout all of them. And, of course, to enure they don’t upstage the bride! Three Rules on Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress Note: Make sure to be sensitive to your bridal party’s finances when it comes to picking a dress. If there are a few different styles the ladies can choose from, having a lower budget dress in the mix is ideal! Three Rules on Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress      
October 18, 2016

2017 Pantone Colors

Feeling moody? A deep green paired with pale pink might be just the mood you are looking for. Pantone announced their Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report as kale and pale dogwood and we think this duo is perfect for fall. 2017-pantone-colors Every year Pantone declares a color "Color of the Year". Twice a year the company hosts a meeting of representatives from various nations' color standards groups. After presentations and debate, they choose a color for the following year. The results of which guide florists, fashion designers and other consumer-oriented companies to drive their designs and planning for the upcoming year. pantone-guides-design “One of the things that we saw this year, was a renewed sense of imagination in which color was appearing in context that was different than the traditional,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature, our Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report evokes a spectrum of emotion and feeling.” kale-prarie-grasses-at-roaring-fork-club Kate Holstein Photography From the warmth of sunny days evoking dry prairies, grasses and pale dogwood and the invigorating feeling of breathing fresh mountain air with kale. pale-dogwood-floral-aspen Designers have applied color in playful and precise combinations to fully capture the potential, hope and transformation that we desire for each spring. It may be fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with a spring color tone. Though pastel colors are most commonly used for spring palettes, combining these soft colors with a deep green can transition them for fabulous fall look. spring-pantone-colors-at-roaring-fork-club There are plenty ways to incorporate pale dogwood and kale with florals and pretty table-scapes! It is up to our team of designers at Gold Leaf Event Design and Production to work hand in hand with many vendors to bring the dream to reality. [caption id="attachment_3944" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]http://rachelhavel.com Rachel Havel Photography[/caption] Using linens which contrast stunningly with the bursts of bold florals and also with the neutral tone of the Pantone Colors. Contrast does not have to mean a crazy bold or stark difference, it can be neutral colors combined which have enough variance to make each stand out a little bit more. The details of any event are important and can really tie together and elevate a look when executed correctly. Texture layering is definitely on the list of details that can be easy to overlook but have a big impact on the overall look of a table-scape or event. kale-table-scape-aspen