February 14, 2015

5 Last minute gift ideas for your valentine

 Did your Valentines conversation with your hubby or boyfriend sound something like this: "Just give me a card." "No, that is not fun, I’m not getting you that”, having no idea what they’re even talking about, MacBook Air with retina display? Is that the one you can fold and write on like a notebook, or if he's  just not hinting at all even when you ask, “What-do-you-want-for-Valentine's-Day”, the male species can be IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. We have done our research and found 5 easy, unique, and super cool last minute gift ideas for your man. So take a breather, run to the store, and feel confident this Valentine's Day that you don’t have to make one more “Free Kiss” Coupon.

You’ve never done that?

We all have…

Valentines Day presents Valentines day presents

#1-REI Quarter Dome 2 - He will not be able to wait to spend a night under the stars with you, in this super lightweight, durable tent, (that I personally own and LOVE).

#2- Concord Tie Bar - We can't think of anything much more handsome than a well dressed man wearing a tie clip.  We absolutely love this sleek modern design to spice up his look.

#3- Beats by Dre: Studio Wireless Headphones - Whether he is at the gym, or in the zone behind his desk, these headphones not only sound incredible, but also stay out of the way with no wires.

#4- Engraved Herringbone Cufflinks - These cuff links are so sharp, yet subtle enough as to not steal the attention away from his smile (or tie clip).

#5- Sphere Ice Cube Molds - With a fine libation or cocktail, you can't risk ruining it by getting watered down.  Keep the goods good with a solid sphere of ice.

We are sure you will do great with whatever you choose, and always remember, he already has the best gift he could ask for!

Happy Valentine's Day!

March 11, 2015

Spring Cleaning? Maybe Spring Shopping


Although we didn't have the winter of our dreams here in Aspen, we had some pretty incredible powder days and we are thankful.  With that being said, we are psyched for spring!!  It is just around the corner and although that means a mud pit of a town for the next 2 months, it also means bright blue skies only graying to bring our May flowers.  Our homes will get a good spring cleaning and our fleece bed sheets washed and packed away.  The tourism will quiet down and the locals will pipe up, leading to outdoor fun and preparation for the sweet summer!  We have put together a few items to revamp your home and life for the fresh new season!  (We pre-apologize to any men in your life, these things are girly...but it is physically impossible to turn down rain boots with a bow on them).

  spring cleaning spring cleaningspring cleaning

#1-The Perfect Rain boots-  Well we know it's going to rain! Technically these are a necessity...this-exact-pair.  Classy while keeping it young.  In love.

#2-James Smith Umbrella- Convenient and fashionable in one try.  Bring on the weather!

#3-Hello/Goodbye Doormat-  I need something to wipe my perfect wet boots on!  And how polite?

#4 & #5- Square & Lumbar Pillow-  We are loving this new print by Pottery Barn this spring.  It is happy, fresh, and just the right amount of whimsical (psst-it also comes as a bed set)!

#6-Wooden Chimes-  The sound of wind chimes always reminds us of open windows and doors.  Welcome the new breeze with a little song!

#7-Face Vase- We need them all.  The unique shape, style, and pastel colors have us trimming all the plants in all the neighbors' garden's.

#8-eRide Rock Crawler's- We figured opening and ending a blog segment with shoes is never a bad idea.  THESE shoes however, are amazing; perfect for the wet and slippery terrain everyone's going to be experiencing on the first hikes of the season.  These shoes have amazing traction and amazing support for up and downhill.  No more smashed toes!

We hope everyone had a joyful, safe winter and we send our cheers' for a gorgeous and adventuresome spring season!

March 26, 2015

Welcome Boxes on Another Level

gift boxes

Welcoming your friends, family, and even co-workers to an event is one of the most enjoyable experiences we can think of.  Typically it is a time for celebration, happiness, relaxation (sometimes), and experience.  The art of the "welcome wagon" is growing to be just that, an absolute art form.

We are featuring, and frankly giving a huge high five to some of our favorite companies around making custom welcome boxes.  If you aren't familiar, custom welcome/gift boxes are a beautiful way to welcome your guests to your event.  For example:  A wedding hosted here in Colorado, guests may expect welcome boxes with a bottle opener to represent (and help consume :)) craft beer, which Colorado is becoming more heavily known for.  They may also expect to find, locally sourced beef jerky, or a travel size sunscreen to protect those cheeks from the high altitude sun.   So on and so forth, you get the picture.  Either way, companies are doing an exceptional job welcoming guests from around the globe.  Without further adieu,

Our local Go-To:  Bundles Gift Co.

Beautifully and expertly crafted, Bundles keeps it elegant, simple, fun, and valuable.  They feature gifts only found in Colorado and exceptional custom calligraphy.

aspen gift box gift boxes custom calligraphy

A Signature Welcome

We just discovered this team while attending the Bliss and Bespoke retreat (blog up soon) in Charleston, South Carolina.  Absolutely stunning work.

Gift box Gift Boxes Gift Boxes

By Broken Arrow

Based out of Vancouver, BC, we love By Broken Arrow for using local products, ready to display floral arrangements, and re-usable items.

gift boxes gift boxes gift boxes

Alright folks, with these suggestions you have no excuses!  I love wine and chocolate, I will be checking my door step frequently!