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November 2, 2016

Invitations, Etiquette and More!

Happy Engagement! It’s Alexandra from Aerialist Press & Foiled Invitations here. Many thanks to Chelsea, Kate and the Gold Leaf Event Design & Production team for having us guest post today.

You’re probably in the beginning stages of your wedding planning, or maybe you’re a few steps ahead and have gotten to the point of selecting your favorite invitation styles. From choosing the perfect color palette to figuring out which monogram best fits your style, it’s all the fun to-do tasks that are the easy ones to check off the list. What might not be at the top of that to do list is nailing down the final invitation wording, especially if you are unsure of what the different etiquette rules are. That’s where we come in!

Our team of etiquette aficionados created an informative info-graphic and guide to help you navigate through and break down the different elements of an invitation and how to best word yours. In addition, we’ve also included some pro tips and tricks about the different attire options, where to include your registry link and whether you really need that extra reception card.

If you’re looking for some extra wedding wording examples, we’ve also got you covered! For a full set of 21 examples for every celebration you can think of. You can take a peek at the full post of our up on our blog.

November 22, 2016

Paper goods don’t always have to be made from paper

There are so many creative ideas for wedding invitations for couples that are using other elements for their wedding invitations. Couples who are getting married hire Gold Leaf Event Design & Production to take their wedding experience to the next level and it all starts with the invitations. We have motivated couples to think outside the “envelope” and showcase their story as one-of-a-kind. By coming up with invitations that jump out to their guests as something totally different invoking a reason to grab their attention and get them excited to celebrate these special couples. invitations-pushing-the-envelope Plenty of the stationers and paper goods craftsmen and women we work with love to bring their medium onto many different types of material. The sky is the limit! Text can be printed on surfaces like wood, leather or faux leather, or engraved directly into translucent plastic, glass, picture frames or metal material. Adding other materials like twine, silk and lace, offer a new twist to traditional wedding designs. View More: At Gold Leaf Event Design & Production we help to start a wedding off on a different level with invitations made from unique materials that let the guests know these occasions with some serious flare! invitations-printed-on-metal When sending out wedding invitations, you want your invitees to get all the details they need such as date, time, and location. What couples really want is for them to receive a beautifully crafted package that represents the personalities of them together. invitations-on-other-material  
January 6, 2017

10 Ways to Ensure a Perfect Wedding Day!


Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life. Between working with many vendors and suppliers as well as looking after your guests needs, it is easy for some wedding items to slip through the cracks. Here are our 10 ways to ensure a perfect wedding day. There is a lot to do in advance of the big day. Working with Gold Leaf Event Design & Production will ensure that these things that will not be forgotten on your wedding day:
  1. Marriage License
Marriage license should top the list. Visit your jurisdiction to apply for a marriage license. See what they require in terms of documentation, but you may be required to take a blood test in some states such as Texas. Your wedding planner will make sure this is on your wedding timeline. They will also turn in your paperwork after you have signed your marriage license on your wedding day. Perfect wedding day Aspen
  1. Wedding Rings
You may be accustomed to wearing your engagement ring every day, so wedding rings may become forgotten. You can’t forget these gems. They are a vital part of your wedding day. Megan from Orla James laughed, “We get so many people calling last minute asking us to rush their wedding rings and when I ask their wedding date, they tell me it's in two weeks.” Don’t leave it for the last minute. It’s almost impossible to get something custom made when you are in a hurry. Aspen perfect wedding day rings-marinabrendan rings-marina-brendan
  1. Wedding Vows
Consider writing your vows before your wedding day. Provide your planner with a copy that they will remember to have on your special day. vows-melissa-marshall-177-2
  1. The Wedding Dress
With all the effort gone into picking out the perfect dress that suits you, makes you comfortable and happy, you will absolutely want to remember how you felt in that dress forever. A wedding dress does not show up overnight. You will need to order your dress at least six months in advance in order to get the appropriate alterations done on time. Your wedding day will come and go, but your wedding pictures will always remain. You should look like a star! dress-kate-holstein dressmelissa-marshall-051
  1. Wedding Venue
Think of a place that represents who you are as a couple. Where and when would you like to celebrate with your family and friends. Outside? A favorite restaurant? A beautiful ballroom or a backyard? Venues typically book about a year out. Once you find the venue, their availability will determine your actual wedding date! venue-tindall-farmer venue-4-kt-merry View More: venue-21-kt venue-laura-murray venue-3-kt
  1. Theme and decorations
Gold Leaf Event Design & Production creates an original theme inspired by each couple using personal and seasonal decorations. The right décor can lend to a unique and remarkable experience. Planners search high and low for the perfect effect or vendor who will make your dreams become reality. decor-kate-holstein decor-capano decor-2-nancy-cohn decor-lauren-and-mark-jwc-2013 decor-kt decor-nancy-cohn
  1. Catering and Bartending
What is it that guests remember the most about weddings? The food! A fun part of planning is choosing the right caterer, from the initial tasting, to creating custom cocktails, be sure to wow your guests with a savory experience they soon wont forget! catering-laura-boggs catering-2-capano catering-capano
  1. Wedding Photographer and Videographer
Photos and videos are a way to look back and remember your most special wedding moments. It seems on the wedding day itself, everything happens so fast, not to mention the nostalgia factor a beautiful photo album can bring later in life. As with catering, pick experienced professionals who come highly recommended and are experts in making you look your best! photographer-2-laura-murry photographer-laura-murray
  1. Wedding Music and Entertainment
Music sets the tone of your wedding creating the right ambiance and will be your guests favorite part of the evening. Will it be a live band or a DJ? Whatever your choice, explore it fully before committing. music-capano music-wedding-palm-beach  
  1. Wedding Gift Bags
Wedding gift bags are not an integral part of the wedding but your guests always appreciate the gesture.  Planning for gift bags can be a fun way to leave your mark on your guests. souveniers-lauren-and-mark-jwc-2013 souvenier-bryce-covey Hope you enjoyed our 10 ways to ensure you have the perfect wedding day! Information presented by guest blogger Katie from Orla James
January 10, 2017

A White Winter Wedding in Aspen!

Happy 2017! Winter has arrived in our mountain town and it adds a wonderful cast as we reflect on the holiday season passed. As we settle back into our daily routines we remember fun-filled celebrations and quality time spent with friends and family, no wonder it is dubbed “engagement season.” With many guests visiting Aspen’s winter wonderland in the mountains they begin to envision a white winter wedding in Aspen! white-winter-wonderland-wedding-in-aspen   aspen-winter-wedding-ceremony-2   At Gold Leaf Event Design & Production we had the pleasure to bring a white winter wedding celebration for Phyllis and Chris’ nearest and dearest to life! We transformed The Sundeck Patio and The Aspen Mountain Club into an unforgettable snow globe at 11,200 feet! aspen-white-winter-wedding white-winter-wonderland-wedding   aspen-gondola-wedding   One of the most beloved Aspen wedding venues is located on top of Aspen Mountain. With stunning views of the Elk Mountains, the majestic colors and starry skies; The Sundeck’s views do not disappoint no matter which season! Phyllis and Chris’ vision embodied all that we love about winter weddings in The Rockies!  We enjoy working with the natural colors winter brings to Aspen; unique design comes easy for weddings during the darkest days of the year.  Take a look at how to incorporate classic winter white and cheery red for Phyllis and Chris’ White Winter Aspen Mountain wedding! winter-wedding-in-the-mountains   aspen-mountain-winter-wedding-floral At Gold Leaf Event Design & Production we find The Sundeck is one of the best Aspen wedding venues for it's gorgeous location, incredible staff and amazing food! With any season your guests will not forget the romantic atmosphere on top of the world!  We would love to help plan your perfect White Winter Wedding on Aspen Mountain. aspen-winter-wedding-planner-decor aspen-winter-wedding-ceremony aspen-mountain-sundeck-winter-wedding   From the morning’s pre-ceremony festivities that went on past the starry winter evening, the entire day was unbelievably beautiful. The bride’s corridors were surrounded by excitement, mimosas, fuzzy robes and furry bridesmaid stoles.  The ceremony and cocktail hour’s magical backdrop of one of Aspen’s most beautiful views encapsulated the perfect winter Aspen Mountain wedding. The snow globe feel of The Aspen Mountain Club carried the evening’s festivities which included dinner, toasts, and dancing at the top of the world on their White Winter Wedding in Aspen. Each moment of Phyllis and Chris’ winter Aspen Mountain wedding was extremely unique! fuzzy-winter-wedding aspen-mountain-winter-wedding snow-globe-winter-wedding   aspen-mountain-winter-wedding-sundeck