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September 16, 2015

The Beauty of a Mountain Wedding

When we are little girls, we had a perfect idea of our “dream wedding.” The majority of us envision a beautiful sunny day, a gorgeous long dress, perfect makeup, and a tiara…(hopefully not everyone grew up planning their wedding in the 80’s). Although some elements may change over the years, and passing trends like the tiara (ha), the concept and overall picture of our special day remains quite unchanged. As beautiful of an idea as that is, it just-doesn’t-always-happen. As wedding planners, it is a very hard reality that some things just cannot be controlled, especially for a mountain wedding. We’re talking to you, Mother Nature. We always have a “Plan B” for outdoor ceremonies but let’s face it, we all just want “Plan A”. This June we were fully tested as mountain wedding planners when the “perfect sunny day” was the exact opposite. We fought freezing temperatures, delayed gondolas due to lightning, and 3 ceremony site flips to try and find the perfect one. But, let us tell you, the pictures made it all worth it, and the reception was one for the books.

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