Samuelle Couture

August 7, 2015

Cheers to Friday!

Happy Friday!

Much like the rest of you, we spend our week scrolling, clicking, and reviewing in our minds.  Some things barely make it off the screen before it's forgotten, and others really resonate with us.  Whether it be an amazing article, perfect dress for an event, or idea that sparks something bigger, we collect inspiration throughout every day in every week.  Here we have compiled some "Friday finds" to hopefully get your wheels turning too!

wedding inspiration makeup   wedding dress  

#1-Let’s face it, a string around your finger is not going to remind you to get your dress steamed, but these amazing personal journals will! (I bet your wedding planner will too ;)) A multitude of sizes and designs here!

#2-Destination wedding’s often permit lots of sun, but no one likes the after sheen of liquid SPF. Check out this AMAZING mineral sunscreen that benefits your skin while keeping it shine free!

#3-Winter wedding in need of some bronze? This is our absolute favorite matte bronzer, and our favorite pick for a perfect light shimmer.

#4-Calm tired eyes with a cool gel mask either while you sleep or a few hours before. Pop it in the freezer, let it sit for 20 minutes, strap it on, and relax.

#5-In need of some wedding Dress inspiration? We are in love with Samuelle Couture.