ski season

November 4, 2016

Off Season in Aspen

It’s off season in Aspen. Now what? This is the time the local Aspenites get to enjoy some quiet empty streets as the tourists leave and many of the seasonal workers head out for some well deserved time off. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in the mean time until we wait the 3 weeks for the ski season so start again! Check with EatAspen they have spent the time to curate the deal and menus of what is open on the off season. off-season-in-aspen   Head up Independence Pass and get in some serious altitude before the road is closed. Bike up once the roads are closed road biking paradise. Check out the Aspen Grottos where small pools of water freeze and create an ice cave. more-ice-caves Check out Independence Ghost Town a rare opportunity to peer into mining life over 100 years ago. Independence Ghost Town, Colorado Independence Pass Rock Climbing boasts relatively short approaches, stellar rock and a large variety of impressive climbs, all in a true alpine setting. Enjoy the East of Aspen Trail, one of Aspen's most gradual and scenic trails. This trail heads east up the pass and parallels the Roaring Fork River for over 3 miles. There is an interpretive wildlife-viewing stand along this trail at the North Star Nature Preserve and sweeping views of the middle of this beautiful valley we live in. east-of-aspen-trail   Clean out your closet!! This is the time to clean out your closet switching from summer to winter gear. Get a recharge in your energy as you shift focus from one amazing season to another. It will get your head and your closet clear. Clothing swap- Gather with friends to exchange clothes you may not wear anymore and update your own wardrobe at no cost!! On November 13 – November 16 J. Crew Aspen is hosting a coat drive. Bring in your gently worn coats or make a donation to the Aspen Homeless Shelter’s fund raising drive and receive 20% off your total purchase. Check out the local ski swaps and Replay Sports and pre-season sales to get all set up for the winter. j-crew-aspen   Stay Active Hikes- As the snow is covering the mountaintops at 10,000 feet take in those last few hikes on the many trails below. Check out Smuggler, Hunter Creek Loop or Sunny Side just around town so can keep you warm and moving. Take advantage of the mountain biking at Sky Mountain Park there are 15 miles of newly built mountain biking single-track trails on the north side of Snowmass Village. sky-mountain-park   O2 Aspen hosts the 20 x 20 Pilates challenge where you can get 20 classes for $20/each! yoga-in-aspen lululemon has weekly free and drop in classes and even provide you with a mat. Enjoy a complimentary class every Saturday morning 9:30-10:30, or check out Shakti Shala’s temporary home Monday- Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30 for $10/each. Aspen Recreation Center has a twilight special if you only need 90 minutes for a workout, a lazy river and a steam you can drop in for $6 before closing. Friendsgiving- a term made up by seasonal ski town workers we cant deny the many transplants who have made Aspen their home and as the Mountains open for skiing Thanksgiving weekend for the season through April everyone is back in town and working their hospitality jobs so if they aren’t able to get out of town to be with their families they have made plans to spend this day together with their home away from home and their friends that make up their Aspen family. friendsgiving