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July 1, 2014

Summer Lovin in Aspen

Summer Lovin in Aspen: We have now officially entered the summer season! This is a time for barbecues, pool parties, outdoor weddings, luaus, and more. These are the delightful months when our senses defrost from the harsh winter and the chilled spring. The days lengthen, the evenings linger, and we take it to the outdoors. Celebrations occur all over the world when the summer solstice arrives. Here in Aspen, the saying goes that we come for the winters but we stay for the summers. The snow-packed mountains draw us here in the cold months, but the warm days and brisk nights of summer are where we fall in love. Many of our brides and grooms would agree with this. That is why summer is our busiest time of the year at Gold Leaf. Here are our some of our favorite things about summertime: Summer Lovin' The Sunsets: That last moment of the day when the sun is hanging on for one more picture before it makes its way behind the distant peaks for the night. That’s the time of day we live for at Gold Leaf. It’s where we get the best photographs and the most memorable moments for our clients. Everyone loves a good sunset, but add a blushing bride and a lucky groom in the foreground and you have yourself an image that will last a lifetime. Summer Lovin' The Wildflowers: In the Colorado high country, a breathtaking adornment of summer is the wildflower. Packs of them can be seen almost anywhere. They’re sprinkled on the rolling meadows, situated throughout the Aspen groves, and, if the flowers are not endangered or taken from a national forest, they can be seen filling out bouquets for a bride and her bridesmaids. Summer Lovin' Extended Days: Everyone loves the long days that the summer months bring. With more sunshine, events can start later and last longer. Plus the light provides even more opportunities to capture those special moments. Summer Lovin' Fresh Fruit: A Colorado summer would not be complete without your favorite succulent fruits. Berries, peaches, pears, and mangos are officially in season! But, just like summer, these delicious drupes won’t last long so get them while you can! Summer fruits are splendid to eat on a daily basis for pure enjoyment, but they also make great desserts for events. No one can turn down a homemade peach cobbler or a luscious berry pie. It’s simply an impossible task. Summer Lovin' These are some of our favorite things about the summertime. Make sure to tell us what you like most about this season!
February 27, 2015

It’s Friday, Let’s Have Some Wedding Dress Inspiration

With spring collections quickly nudging themselves onto racks everywhere, we are dying to see what 2015 brides will be wearing!  Last year was subtle, and lacy; giving the "Good Witch" style (Wizard of it?), a much needed breather.  Both looks are exceptional in their own right but we are really hoping for more laid back, au naturale bridal looks. As we patiently wait for this years wedding dress trends and styles to present themselves, we have taken a look at a few of our trend setting 2014 Gold Leaf brides.  These three dresses bring a uniqueness and ever classic look to the table.  We feel we will see a lot more of these themes in the proceeding months.

Wedding Dress inspiration Wedding dress inspiration

The stripes on this dress give such a whimsical feel without being over the top.  It remains feminine and flowing with a gathered back.  Absolutely in love.

Wedding Dress Inspiration Wedding Dress inspiration

This 20's inspired dress is effortlessly elegant.  With subtle front and precise stitching detail, the dress fits and falls perfectly.

Wedding Dress Inspiration Wedding Dress Inspiration

Our bride Brooke wears the most breath taking vintage lace gown for her wedding.  The back buttons continue all the way down the train which we LOVE.  The lace fabric in conjunction with the ultra romantic veil makes all of his absolutely stunning.

How is a girl to decide!?  Well this is just a little inspo.  Have fun and choose whatever makes you comfortable and feeling amazing.  Those qualities are sure to shine.

March 4, 2015

A Destination Wedding, Close to the Heart

In the words of Mindy Weiss, "There is nothing more important about your wedding, than staying true to the two of you."  We cannot agree more.  For a day that will be cherised for the rest of your lives, it should be unconditionally genuine.  To us, the most genuine parts of our relationship's are the memories created together.  Often times those memories are created away from home, (not to say the best aren't sometimes created right in the living room; "Hey sweetie, your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are spread out covering spiders.  DONT LIFT").

However, home is home.  Your everyday, your kitchen and your makeup studio.  A wedding should feel like a vacation and a celebration.  What better way to clebrate than at your favorite dstination spot.  With all the breath taking wedding venues around the world it is nearly impossible to choose, so for our first destination wedding post, we felt it was only right to choose somewhere close to home.  Colorado for the win-every time.

C Lazy U Ranch-Granby Colorado

colorado weddings colorado weddings colorado weddings colorado weddings colorado weddings

The ranch is as beautifully and elegantly rustic as it gets.  Beginning nearly 100 years ago this ranch is dedicated to keeping the simple, simple.  It is meant to bring families together without the stresses of daily life.  What more could you ask for on your wedding day!?  This ranch has one copious amounts of awards including Conde Nast Traveler's "31st Best Resort in the World".  With a knowledgeable and dedicated crew, they have the amenities and heart to make your day the most memorable.  Take a gander, as this is one of our favorite places to visit, we hope you enjoy!

June 3, 2016

Italian Destination Wedding

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.55.06 PM Here at Gold Leaf Event we absolutely adore exploration so when we had the opportunity to see Monteverdi, Tuscany we were there in a heart beat! So we wanted to share some of our memories from our Italian adventure with you all!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.55.18 PM

After a long day of traveling from Florence, we found ourselves driving down a winding road. On either side of us we could see an abundance of lush greenery spilling over the hillsides.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.58.36 PM

When we arrived at  Hotel Monteverdi in Tuscany we were checked in and met in the enoteca (wine repository) for Prosecco and refreshments. Doesn't this look like the ideal Italian wedding venue!

enoteca for prosecco

After, we were whisked away on a guided tour of Castiglioncello Del Trinoro, the medieval village where Monteverdi is located. Afterwards we enjoyed sunset cocktails at the Monteverdi Library. The food was served buffet-style at one of Monteverdi’s stunning villas . Later we returned to our cozy six-bedroom Villa Muri Antichi, we couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow had in store for us!

tour of Castiglioncello del Trinoro 2 tour of Castiglioncello del TrinoroMonteverdi_00137

That next day we woke to the stunning views of Val d’ Orcia and were instantly filled with excitement! We had a light breakfast and a refreshing yoga class. We then had a blast learning how to make pasta at a cooking class with a lunch and wine to follow. It was absolutely incredible to learn some of the Italian cooking secrets from such talented chefs! Luckily for us there was another wine tasting to follow at the Castel di Brolio. This led to the Relais La Suvera for a Tuscan Bites catered dinner which was the perfect way to end the day.

cooking class cooking class2 La Suvera

The next morning we departed Monteverdi for La Foce and enjoyed a tour of their home and gardens of Villa La Foce. The vila had been restored to it’s original beauty and the English gardens were impeccably manicured. This is another ideal location for an Italian Wedding in Tuscany.

gardens of Villa La Foce gardens of Villa La Foce2

After the tour we eagerly made our way to dinner. We arrived at the Castiglioncello Church at Hotel Monteverdi for a real treat of incredible live music. Later, we enjoyed cocktails and pizza, along with a romantic concert and a formal dinner at for the last night. The late night show of Cararet in Muri Antichi is a performance that we will never forget!


Our Tuscany adventure was such a wonderful and whimsical weekend that truly captured our hearts forever. Thanks so much to our hosts David Beahm and Christina Matteucci, along with Hotel Monteverdi! We were able to form wonderful new friendships across the globe which left us with unforgettable ideas for our future events to come! If you are ever interested in an Italian wedding we know the perfect location!


Mr. David Beahm

Founder: David Beahm Experiences


Ms. Christina Matteucci Executive Director David Beahm Destinations



Hotel Moteverdi

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