sustainable wedding

May 13, 2015

5 Ways to a Sustainable Wedding

Our April showers may be coming in May, and changing to snow...but we are still ever thankful for the moisture (we are gearing up for river season after all)!  With Mother Nature and all her splendor bringing these May flowers and making us increasingly more excited for a gorgeous summer, it makes us think about this breath taking earth!  We have to keep it safe (no, this is not another Earth Day post), but it is 5 ways to have a sustainable wedding!  Often times a wedding is so much to think about and plan we often overlook our carbon footprint!  Here are a few manageable ways to keep your wedding green.

Keeping it Small

small wedding ceremony

No, you do not have to invite the weird neighbor kid that used to have a crush on you,  Keeping a wedding small is difficult, we understand entirely.  We absolutely want all of your loved ones to be there on this big day, but keep the effects in mind, such as: more miles traveled, more food consumed, a bigger venue, and more waste when it's all over. Destination wedding?  Maybe consider a small intimate ceremony, and have a big reception closer to home.  A "welcome party" if you will.   

Look What's Right Under Your Nose

gift bag Thankfully sourcing locally is becoming easier by the day!  Food and drinks are going to be the perfect, and easiest place to start.  Living here in Colorado we have local breweries by the plentiful, but look into farms, co-ops, or wineries for other local favorites!  Above our bride and groom Kali and Jonathan, had reusable welcome bags filled with local kettle corn, local chocolate, and growlers made and filled by Aspen Brewing Company!  Another great addition is local flowers and foliage.  Talk to your florist about where and how to get local favorites to diminish transportation! 

The Goods, Made Better


We know (nor do we expect) that a bride will rent her dress, however gentleman, renting a tux is a wonderful way to cut down on unnecessary materials.  Unless of course you think you will wear it often, have you and your buddies find a store near you to rent from.  Our groom Steve and his groomsmen showing how perfectly tailored and fashionable they look.  Along with renting suits and shoes, and equally as popular, renting your glassware, table linens, and decor also cuts down exponentially on the manufacturing of these same products.  Lots of couples love to give away sweet treats in welcome bags or farewell cards, check to be sure you are using Fair Trade Certified treats to ensure equality to farmers when purchasing.

Our Favorite Kind of Invitation

recyclable invites

Your invitations are going to be the first thing anyone sees regarding your wedding.  We want them to look amazing.  One of the newest improvements we are loving are biodegradable invites!  Made with soy ink these invitations prove that there will be no compromise in design.  Our latest obsession is here, plantable invitations!  Genius!

Gifts that keep on giving


Giving a thank you gift is a wonderful gesture on your part.  As everyone wants their wedding to stand out, give a gift that will be remembered and treasured.  There are many companies now that make clothing, decor, jewelry, food, you name it, sustainably and with a conscience heart.  Check out our past blog to get a few ideas, and also check out our personal favorite for gorgeous jewelry and accessories.

With a little searching, anyone can make a more green impact on their wedding day.  We look forward to seeing what you come up with!