April 22, 2015

Sustainable Gifts That Keep on Giving

Today is the day!  The day all mothers, fathers, and girlfriends don't have to feel bad for nagging their loved ones about turning off their lights, televisions, and to shorten up their showers!  Today is Earth Day!  An important day across the globe, but extremely special in our gorgeous town over looking the Maroon Bells, Aspen!  It's the perfect time to sit down with your little ones, (or your 30 year old boyfriend who wouldn't have turned a light off since December if it weren't for his loving lady)...and talk about protecting our planet, living sustainably, and appreciating everything around us.

Reducing our carbon footprint is crucial in the upkeep and preservation of Mother Earth, but we admit, it isn't always easy.  To help out a bit, we have put together our three favorite, and sustainable gifts and companies!  We love their products, and love the environmental friendliness even more.

earth friendly jewelry

First, we have Love Heals.  A jewelry company based out of California that hand makes incredible pieces.  What is so earth friendly about them?  For each piece purchased they plant 10 trees. 10!  They have already planted over 1.3 million trees!  Cheers to that guys!

sustainable apparel

Le Bent is an Australian company that is quickly making its way into the states.  They make their layers with bamboo and merino wool.  Bamboo being one of the most sustainable materials on the market due to it's rapid growth, and durability.  As a personal owner of Le Bent products, I cannot say enough.  This stuff is SO soft, cozy and stays dry; even pulled up around your face in a snowstorm! (They also make adult sizes).

sustainable decor
Viva Terra has exceptional decor and furniture, aside from being made of sustainable materials!  The guidelines of the company that we love?  Fair-trade practices and artisan made pieces, all using reclaimed or recycled materials, products are without chemicals, and are home grown in the U.S.A..  Take my money!!
Take a peek at their websites and make yourselves, and your momma (earth) very happy campers!