warm spiced apple cider

October 11, 2016

Favorite Fall Traditions and Treats

Favorite Fall Traditions and Treats   As the days get shorter and begin to catch a nip in the air we turn our thoughts to colorful fall days and favorite fall activities that coincide. The spectacular temperatures and natural golden palette of colors all around us remind us to enjoy the lingering sunny days and celebrate with favorite fall treats that embody that wonderful feeling of fall!   Each year we take advantage of the traditional fall activities brought with traditional fall treats that invoke memories year after year. warm-spiced-apple-cider favorite-fall-activities   A favorite fall tradition spent picking apples in the orchard and dipping into caramel for homemade caramel apples to ring in the season. Don’t forget to grab some spiced warm apple cider and fresh baked apple pie! homemade-caramel-apples apple-picking   Keep warm as the weather turns cooler with favorite fall treats made with traditional flavors and spices. On sunny fall afternoons gather with friends to watch the leaves change color while enjoying warm cinnamon coffees and chai tea at a brisk outdoor café. View More: http://lisaannephoto.pass.us/laurarichvendorgallery warm-coffee-drinks Another favorite fall tradition on sunny fall afternoons to gather with friends and family at the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins to carve on Halloween. Savor sweet sugary candy corn and roast the seeds over the fire. As trick-o-treaters come to the door enjoy rich chocolate pies and mulled red wine spiced with cinnamon. View More: http://amylittlephotography.pass.us/goldleafevents   friends-and-family Take a leaf peeping hike on a colorful day while the blue skies and changing leaves provide a beautiful natural golden palette with apricot beers. Rake up the leaves and jump sip on hot cocoas and celebrate your inner child as your listen to the crunchy leaves.   aspen-meadows-pumpkin-patch View More: http://jason-gina.pass.us/kali-jonathan By the time Thanksgiving comes around it is pumpkin spice everything with cinnamon coffees, squash salads and pumpkin pie!! The longer nights around the fire spent with family and friends reminds us these favorite fall traditions will always invoke wonderful memories year after year. family-and-friends   View More: http://jason-gina.pass.us/kali-jonathan   Judith Rae Photography