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February 27, 2015

It’s Friday, Let’s Have Some Wedding Dress Inspiration

With spring collections quickly nudging themselves onto racks everywhere, we are dying to see what 2015 brides will be wearing!  Last year was subtle, and lacy; giving the "Good Witch" style (Wizard of it?), a much needed breather.  Both looks are exceptional in their own right but we are really hoping for more laid back, au naturale bridal looks. As we patiently wait for this years wedding dress trends and styles to present themselves, we have taken a look at a few of our trend setting 2014 Gold Leaf brides.  These three dresses bring a uniqueness and ever classic look to the table.  We feel we will see a lot more of these themes in the proceeding months.

Wedding Dress inspiration Wedding dress inspiration

The stripes on this dress give such a whimsical feel without being over the top.  It remains feminine and flowing with a gathered back.  Absolutely in love.

Wedding Dress Inspiration Wedding Dress inspiration

This 20's inspired dress is effortlessly elegant.  With subtle front and precise stitching detail, the dress fits and falls perfectly.

Wedding Dress Inspiration Wedding Dress Inspiration

Our bride Brooke wears the most breath taking vintage lace gown for her wedding.  The back buttons continue all the way down the train which we LOVE.  The lace fabric in conjunction with the ultra romantic veil makes all of his absolutely stunning.

How is a girl to decide!?  Well this is just a little inspo.  Have fun and choose whatever makes you comfortable and feeling amazing.  Those qualities are sure to shine.

May 27, 2015

What do I Bring to a Destination Wedding?!

A destination wedding is such a treat as you get to be in one of your favorite places, with your favorite people.  They can however, be that much more stressful as well.  We have listed our top 5 categories to run through as you pack for the big trip!  Get out your suitcase, pour some tea (or wine), and start getting excited!  (Norah Jones radio always help ease any jitters.  We promise).

Carry On

[caption id="attachment_2302" align="aligncenter" width="590"]destination wedding This....will not be your wedding dress.[/caption]

Typically we like to keep carry on's short and sweet, a few magazines, snacks, and our wallets.  Your destination wedding trip is another story.  You will ABSOLUTELY need to be checking your wedding dress, rings/wedding day jewelry, and vows.  Too many times are we wearing clothes from high school out of our old bedrooms waiting for our bags to arrive.  Somewhat acceptable visiting home, NOT acceptable when your'e saying I-do.  Be sure to pass this on to members of your wedding party, Mothers, and Mr. Future Hubby.  Dad's always seem to figure it out (thanks to said Mothers..).  Be sure to tell the gate attendant so she can give you special attendance.


[caption id="attachment_2304" align="aligncenter" width="429"]orginzation Labels are essential for lost items.[/caption]

These days it seems as though we can't successfully go anywhere without or gadgets fixated to our hands, but with everything on your mind, it doesn't hurt to be extra prepared.  Chargers, batteries, cases, etc.  It is also recommended to label your items with your name and email address.  Many busy brides accidentally leave these leaping from one spot to the next, and who doesn't love a label maker?  One hot tip-if you're leaving the country, be sure to bring the necessary outlet converter and remind your guests as well.  It's also easy to be TOO prepared, you probably won't need 2 EXTRA "in-case" chargers since chances are 80% of your guests have the same gadgets as you.  Over packing can in fact cause more stress.  We have proven it.


[caption id="attachment_2305" align="aligncenter" width="427"]destination wedding Try and avoid[/caption]

This is REALLY where over packing becomes an issue.  Really try and be realistic in what you plan to wear.  We suggest laying out your outfits a week or two beforehand.  Seeing them everyday will make it easier and more natural to add, subtract, and swap as needed.  As much as you will want to wear that gorgeous new maxi you bought before you even lift off, aim for having your bag packed and zipped 4 days prior.  Hot tip-if you feel good in them, pack strapless bathing suits to avoid tan lines.



This is important and can get over-looked.  Any and all necessary prescriptions, ibuprofen for any stubborn headaches, allergy medicine if you are traveling during allergy season,  Cortisone cream for rashes/skeeter bites (or any bad waxes; again, proven), extra contacts, and potentially a mild non-addictive sleep aid.  When we have a big day it is almost impossible to get shut eye, and that never leaves us at our best.  Remind guests that if you are traveling to a popular or secluded destination, chances are these items will be pricier to buy there, so bring whatever you can.

Oh yea!

[caption id="attachment_2307" align="aligncenter" width="474"]yoga Breathe in, breathe out.[/caption]

Our miscellaneous pile, also easy to over pack (ie. everyone's junk drawer in the kitchen).  Keep a running list a few weeks before you leave, either on your phone or a notepad that is always within reach.  Things will pop in your head while running on the treadmill, waiting in line at the post office, and most likely in the middle of the night.  A few days before, sort out the necessities and the "I-could-live-without"s, and pack into corresponding categories.  We always have an organized miscellaneous bag with us.  Our #1 don't forget- your serenity.  Keep in mind this is a special time, and reward yourself with a one-on-one dinner with Mr. Future Hubby, some yoga, or a mani-pedi.  We suggest all three.

January 6, 2017

10 Ways to Ensure a Perfect Wedding Day!


Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life. Between working with many vendors and suppliers as well as looking after your guests needs, it is easy for some wedding items to slip through the cracks. Here are our 10 ways to ensure a perfect wedding day. There is a lot to do in advance of the big day. Working with Gold Leaf Event Design & Production will ensure that these things that will not be forgotten on your wedding day:
  1. Marriage License
Marriage license should top the list. Visit your jurisdiction to apply for a marriage license. See what they require in terms of documentation, but you may be required to take a blood test in some states such as Texas. Your wedding planner will make sure this is on your wedding timeline. They will also turn in your paperwork after you have signed your marriage license on your wedding day. Perfect wedding day Aspen
  1. Wedding Rings
You may be accustomed to wearing your engagement ring every day, so wedding rings may become forgotten. You can’t forget these gems. They are a vital part of your wedding day. Megan from Orla James laughed, “We get so many people calling last minute asking us to rush their wedding rings and when I ask their wedding date, they tell me it's in two weeks.” Don’t leave it for the last minute. It’s almost impossible to get something custom made when you are in a hurry. Aspen perfect wedding day rings-marinabrendan rings-marina-brendan
  1. Wedding Vows
Consider writing your vows before your wedding day. Provide your planner with a copy that they will remember to have on your special day. vows-melissa-marshall-177-2
  1. The Wedding Dress
With all the effort gone into picking out the perfect dress that suits you, makes you comfortable and happy, you will absolutely want to remember how you felt in that dress forever. A wedding dress does not show up overnight. You will need to order your dress at least six months in advance in order to get the appropriate alterations done on time. Your wedding day will come and go, but your wedding pictures will always remain. You should look like a star! dress-kate-holstein dressmelissa-marshall-051
  1. Wedding Venue
Think of a place that represents who you are as a couple. Where and when would you like to celebrate with your family and friends. Outside? A favorite restaurant? A beautiful ballroom or a backyard? Venues typically book about a year out. Once you find the venue, their availability will determine your actual wedding date! venue-tindall-farmer venue-4-kt-merry View More: venue-21-kt venue-laura-murray venue-3-kt
  1. Theme and decorations
Gold Leaf Event Design & Production creates an original theme inspired by each couple using personal and seasonal decorations. The right décor can lend to a unique and remarkable experience. Planners search high and low for the perfect effect or vendor who will make your dreams become reality. decor-kate-holstein decor-capano decor-2-nancy-cohn decor-lauren-and-mark-jwc-2013 decor-kt decor-nancy-cohn
  1. Catering and Bartending
What is it that guests remember the most about weddings? The food! A fun part of planning is choosing the right caterer, from the initial tasting, to creating custom cocktails, be sure to wow your guests with a savory experience they soon wont forget! catering-laura-boggs catering-2-capano catering-capano
  1. Wedding Photographer and Videographer
Photos and videos are a way to look back and remember your most special wedding moments. It seems on the wedding day itself, everything happens so fast, not to mention the nostalgia factor a beautiful photo album can bring later in life. As with catering, pick experienced professionals who come highly recommended and are experts in making you look your best! photographer-2-laura-murry photographer-laura-murray
  1. Wedding Music and Entertainment
Music sets the tone of your wedding creating the right ambiance and will be your guests favorite part of the evening. Will it be a live band or a DJ? Whatever your choice, explore it fully before committing. music-capano music-wedding-palm-beach  
  1. Wedding Gift Bags
Wedding gift bags are not an integral part of the wedding but your guests always appreciate the gesture.  Planning for gift bags can be a fun way to leave your mark on your guests. souveniers-lauren-and-mark-jwc-2013 souvenier-bryce-covey Hope you enjoyed our 10 ways to ensure you have the perfect wedding day! Information presented by guest blogger Katie from Orla James