November 25, 2015

Long Intimate Table

Hello friends! You might be thinking of a way to create a more intimate seating arrangement at your wedding and we've got just the one you're looking for. The long intimate table for your reception is something that we love here at Gold Leaf Events. It creates an ambiance of togetherness and love. When people are sat at one long intimate table, no one feels left out, that they are at a table in the back corner near the bathroom, or too far from the newlyweds. If you have too many guests to sit at just one table, the seating arrangement can be split into two tables just as nicely (depending on your venue space of course)! Having a long intimate table has such a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a wedding, we can't help but love it. Here are some photos of past events we designed here at Gold Leaf Events! DT long table Long tables with alternating height of center pieces allows guests to chat side-by-side and across the table, too! KB long table Having low centerpieces opens up the space beautifully! KD long table These are just a few long intimate table settings from past events we love sharing with you! Happy Planning!   Love, The Gold Leaf Events Team xo