April 8, 2015

HIIT Workouts, Say Goodbye to Boring Runs

We all know that health and fitness is supposed to be a year round thing.  Supposed, to be. But it's hard!  There's chili, and bulky sweaters, and I'm sorry but a spring salad will not suffice when it's -15 and we're running back and forth to defrost our cars.  We do not have personal trainers, private chefs, or live on the coast in Australia sipping coconut water looking awesome.  And if you do, we probably follow you on Instagram.

Not to be disappointed ladies!  

We have been hearing more and more about HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, and frankly, it sounds as terrifyingly hard as it does effective. 

Benefits-of-HIIT We want to look good and feel healthy, there is nothing better.  Am I right!?  For those of you trying to slim down for your big day or simply to prove to yourself that you can, HIIT workouts are calling your name! HIIT is a training idea in which low to moderate intensity intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals.  Think-go, slow down, go, slow down.  You may have heard before that introducing different speeds or inclines is better for you than running at the same pace for an hour.  HIIT exercises are that same idea, on steroids (no pun intended).  It is scientifically proven to burn more fat in less time.  

Although long duration/slow paced cardio burns a greater percentage of body fat during the actual session, HIIT cardio burns a greater amount of total body fat lasting well beyond the initial bout of exercise." (Seannal.com)


This is a great guide to teach you what you should be doing and for how long!


If you're more into videos, like we are (I never know if I'm doing it right), and want to see the rest of this one, click here!  (We cannot guarantee you will look this happy).

Remember to stay HYDRATED!  ALWAYS!  And get your game face on :)